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Funds Raised For Conservation & Freedom

Fundraiser, April 2024 - Washington State Hunting

Our first fundraiser was held from 1-30 April 2024. This fundraiser focused on raising money and awareness about the current anti-hunting climate in our Washington State Fish & Wildlife Commission. The funds raised were donated (100% net) to the Sportsmen's Alliance's efforts here in Washington State (only Washington State). What are they doing with these funds? Litigation on our behalf to stop the continued push by our commission to remove hunting from the landscape.

Our Wild West

Why It Matters

Advocating for, supporting and defending science-based wildlife management in the form of hunting is now more relevant than ever. As is our 2nd Amendment which personally, goes hand in hand. We all have our own reasons as to why we hunt. What it means to us, how we grow each time we are on the mountain, feeding our families with wild game, the adventures it takes us on. Stories that need to be shared amongst ourselves and others outside of hunting to help educate people just what hunting really means.

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To advocate for, and educate others to take action against those that seek to attack hunting, science-based wildlife conservation & management as well as our 2nd Amendment rights.


Cultivate a community of educated sportsmen and sportswomen that rally to every cause regarding hunting, trapping, fishing, wildlife conservation & management and the 2nd Amendment.